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whisperings of wistfulness...

Sometimes the words that stick in your head are the little things that make moments special and bring secret smiles to your lips that make days seem brighter and fill the canvas of your mind with unique colour. Some pieces of life’s nuances:

Q (to little cousin): so you’re in grade 5 now, do you wanna go to university?
Cuz: yeah! Like you
Q: oh cool! What do you wanna become?
Cuz (excitedly): A cashier!

And who could forget eid day…
Raeesa (10) to her father: Daddy, can we please stay at Q’s house?! Pleeeease???
Dad: No, don start your nonsense, I have to go out later!
Raeesa: looking like THAT?
Dad: What did you say?!
Raeesa: you need to colour your hair…
Feroza (8) smiling sweetly to everyone in the lounge: My daddy uses my mommy’s Glory mendhi in his hair ;)
And they left within 5minutes.

Mxit conversation:
Q: klim backwards spells milk.
N: no, milk backwards is milk.
Q: milk forward is chocolate!
N: no punk! Cow eats grass, therefore, milk is the result.
Q: yeah and then its made into choc.
N: what if its Turkish delight?
Q: then the cow’s from turkey.
N: but what if its sad, not delighted?
Q: then its an inside story.
N: what are the bits in the inside story?
Q: cow dung the cow ingested by mistake while grazing.
N: Ewwwww…
Q: well as long as you don’t eat aero – that’s unprocessed cow flatulence.

Mom to neighbour: gosh its hot.
Neighbour: don’t say that. The fire of Hell is hotter.
Neighbour’s husband: who says we’re going there?
Two days later..
Neighbour to me: eish, its so hot today hey?

Playing 30 seconds with cousins:
Arshad: um, um, its like a calculator in India!
Sumi: Calcutta!
Arshad: yeah!
Next one…
Arshad: it’s the make of the car we drive!
Sumi: Mazda!!
Arshad: erm…we own a Toyota Camry.

Cute paki guy in lift: hello.
Q (wearing scarf on this rare occasion) : hi.
Guy: you look Muslim.
Q: erm. I would hope so.
Guy: so what’s your name?
Q: Aisha.
Guy: I’m ashraf. I haven’t seen you before.
Q: I haven’t seen you either. Bye.


Sana said...

slms qdee. busy researching the 'main participants in SA advtsg industry' in Wstvl LAN. ws nice meeting u at HC yest... jus like d 'good times' (Keri)

nothing quite like interspersing honours work with blog-viewing... sorta like a homecoming!

anyway, cheers. i cherish our friendship... keep up the ambience. JM 2 everyone in islami-blog.

Sana (aka Lana, Chana, Elana)

safiyyamk said...

lol that was funny... esp the 30s and the guy in the lift...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful :)

Dew said...

Aww, cute man.

I love stories like this. Lets not forget your little cousin in the pink gown with the bottle.

The K-man said...

Thtas precious, Good stuff :)

huzain said...

that was really good and funnie thank you

Anonymous said...

that was really good and funnie. thank you.

Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

Sometimes kids say the weirdest things. And sometime you tend to wonder what ever went through their minds to say it. But that's just the beauty of being a baba. They keep you thinking and on your toes.

ps - cute pic. :) oh wait.. the pakistani in the lift was good :) did he dress all formal and wear flip flops?

qdee said...

lol mukhtar...yeah was wearing this extremely green shirt and enough oil in his hair to attract some american invaders...and the next day i saw him in Spar...wearing the same thing!

Moe said...

lol nice one! 30sec's brings out some of best lines.

friend 1: thin Indian lawyer fought against apartheid statue of him in town....
friend 2: Paul Kruger? o i know the guy from Minority Front Rajbansi??...

we have never let them forget it

Priya said...

heheheeee...that bit on chocolates - comedian material! But I am still a choco-holic, nothings going to put a dampener on that. :)

r said...

q hunny, u have just killed aero for me. sigh.. u owe me a BEEG slab now! and come over babe, i make quiche for u =)

qdee said...

lol rajbansi! gosh, now im imagining him in gandhi attire.i love 30s.

aww, sorry about the choc bit r, i gv u a beeg slab when i get the quiche ;)

Anonymous said...

lol@the blackmailing kids.

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