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tell me your dreams

so i woke up this morning thnking i was one of the final four on Survivor. and there i was, chowing down raw fish and beating a cocunut into some yukky mush...until i pulled out my camera and took pictures of the fish Terry caught.then i knew it was a dream. and then i tried to change my dream.but i woke up instead.
and i had another dream which entailed a friend of mine telling me on mxit that he was getting engaged and i morphed into violent mode. left a gaping feeling in my tummy. so all this on the morning on the supposed day of luuurv. ugh. almost always, my dreams dictate the colour of my day. im one of those doomed people who travel the world at night and wake up feeling jet-lagged 9hours later. i've never denied living in my head, but this whole business of clocking up voyager miles in my sleep is getting exhausting and left me wide awake at 5am, when i only had to step out of the house at 9:30am. i've had crazier dreams...one featured a friend of mine getting locked up in the media department at the mercy of a cannibalistic rabbit,and who eventually escaped due to the 'power of his green car' (dont ask). and another friend of mine got eaten up by the escalator...but all in all, little bits of my day turn into weird distorted adventures, which often scare me, and there i am the next day with a hangover.
but i think what gets to me the most are the dreams i have of people who i havent seen in a while. i always end up dreaming that they die somehow and these poor souls are woken up by neurotic sms's from me at 6am finding out if they're still alive...(hence it is fard to see my friends regularly, but thanks to timetabling issues and practical impossibilities, im deprived of dews and jo's company, so expect an sms from me).
anyway, v day today - mum insisted i dress up coz i love myself.lol. but im more interested in not looking like a lame follower of an overated day...and because i dont wanna get mugged for looking too posh on the bus. yes, i take the bus - some ppl find that so unbelievable, but really, its contributed to my independence and i dont owe anyone and no, ppl dont pee on the bus.hmm, i'll probably dream about that tonight. i just get annoyed that ppl tend to look down on you if you take the bus. i mean, we have a car (my little hugbug) but weaving through town is dodgy.
animal in my tummy starting to wake up now...love you and leave you.hope evryone has an unexpectedly amazing day! oh and if you get a chance, read 'tell me your dreams' by sidney sheldon - its one intelligently orchestrated plot! feel free to share..


happysky1 said...

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Nazeer said...

:-O Looky here! it's me! *me looks around* Nice blog you've got here.. Tidy too. Yeah so i simply had to try n figure out how this blog thingy works so i can start giving my 2cents where it's wanted :)

M Junaid said...

had my first nightmare in ages on saturday night. dreamt i was at a friends place for supper. then went home, and this middle aged coloured lady shot me in my room - i woke up screaming - i dont think i ever woke up screaming before. V Day sucks (mj didnt get a chocolate!)

qdee said...

yay!!! its snazzy nazzy ;)
thanx for visiting...hmm, guess i should get a jar and start collecting those 2 cents.

mj, sowi about v day, today will be a better day.

Anonymous said...

i had a tsunami dream.
nightmares are nasty pieces of work.

happy vday :)
well belated anyhow.

and yay for taking the bus - independence is great :)

Priya said...

hmmm...i always loose my dreams just after waking up.
i have read all of sidney's books (may his writers soul RIP) but for the life of me, i cannot remember that plot that you mentioned. Refresh my memory please. Dankie, hoor.
Oh and there is nothing worng with using the bus, I used to as well, taxis too. :)

MaD_HatteR said...

I somehow take a liking to nightmares...not that i dont enjoy a good dream now and then...but, in a strange way, nightmares, once completed, appear to involve soo much more imagination...

Could i be labelled as twisted ? Or do i just see nightmares as a closer representation of reality ? :)

I had a dream last night that the dude from the Silent Hill movie (with the triangular metal thing on his head)tore off my clothes, ripped of my skin and threw me into a graveyard...kinda lyk the movie scene(except the graveyard was replaced by a church door)...that had me shaking a bit...:P

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I greatly appreciate the input..:)

Take care!

YaYa gAl :) said...

how about dose dreams wre ur half asleep half awake..hehe. now those are intresting

Dew said...

Hey Qt,
Missed you today.

In a foul mood, About dreams: Dreamt last night that I was being stalked and that he was a guy commenting on my blog (!) lol. Apparantly he could turn invisible (too much of smallville. I tell ya!) and I realised this when I saw his shadow on the wall but no one was there (Yes, apparantly I have logic in my dreams) I was very very scared when I woke up....I think I dreamt of Yusuf M! Omg, I have to tell you that dream, that was funny.


The K-man said...

Really cool blog and nice post. I do dream but very often as soon as i wake up the dream vanishes. Its so annoying. Had a world was 2 dream the other night Tooo many games for me.


qdee said...

hey thanx for visiting all :)

priya: hmm, remember it vaguley, but his girl had like 3 personalities and stalked herself.lol :)

mad hatter: sounds like someone's been watching days of our lives too? yesterday's episode was too weird! yeah, nytmares are a more real rep of reality.i guess i dont like em coz im defensive of my neatly repressed memories..

yaya gal: i love those dreams, like when your alarms ringing and you dream its repetitive theme music for the movie in your head.

the k man: i hate it when i cant remember...but then something reminds me during the day and it all comes back to me (friend's obsession with celine dion rubbing off on me - help!)

and dew: when, oh when, am i eventually gonna see you again :( yes, too much smallville.lol yusuf m? hehe

Bilal said...

nice blog you have too:)

Ruby :) said...

I hate those dreams where you falling, and you get up with a fright! but i rarely rememebr whta ive dreamt about, prob. cos im so tired when i get up in the morning... my best friend's been having these strange dreams recently, and they freaking her out, in one of them, there was this cat, with the body of a cheetah,a nd it was running after her, and pounced on her..

qdee said...

i had the best weekend :)

Dew said...

Last night I dreamt my dad made wedding invites for and ___ in orange and green. And I was crying because I didnt know when this happened. I woke up in a sweat.
Q, I swear I Hate these marriage nightmares.

Glad you enjoyed your weekend:)

qdee said...

awww...dew and our fear of commitment. i dreamt you and i and ruqayya p were in london and zain p died and i was oushing my crazy aunt around in a pram.go figure.

qdee said...

lol.oushing.meant pushing

floydthebarber71 said...

i dreamt i was sleeping. man, that was totally weird.

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