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technological osmosis

Hmm, while Dew annihilated her uninvited guests, I had an uninvited person on Mxit who refused to get offended – no matter how mean I was. It was painful! What is it with guys who steal your number from someone and decide to miraculously enter your life to be ‘your friend’ coz you managed to break the ultimate barrier and get their attention? Wow, i feel so honoured. Contemplated deleting the dude, but I couldn’t resist finding out what would happen if I morphed into a psycho bitch…but he just refused to get offended! The episode follows:
Q: who are you
Annoying Boy: oh its like that now
Q: ya
AB: I want to be your friend.
Q: why? Don’t you have any of your own?
AB: yes, but I want you to be my friend.
Q: No
Logs off…hoping he would get the message…logs back on in an hour..

AB: hey you’re back!
Q: apparently.
AB: you were telling me…
Q: what? I don’t want to tell you anything, I never said I was gonna tell you anything, I don’t owe you anything!!
AB: so what you studying?
Q: (GRRRR!!! Resists the urge to bash phone against the wall).

What ever happened to good old respect? I hate the feeling of some arb guy getting my number and just thinking he’ll somehow filter into my life like technological osmosis…that im one of those girls that will just settle for friendship with anybody without knowing them first…that inviting me on mxit gives him the right to give me the 3rd degree. Ok, so im a mxit addict- so much so that I get a rush when I log on…but this just makes it ugly. People don’t know who on earth they’re talking to…and morality seems to have taken a backseat. Its all about becoming a number and being thrown around like a volleyball in cyberworld. This veil of anonymity breaks down communication, in my view…smileys with no hair, ears or eyebrows(except one) do their job by brightening up the screen with yellow blobs, but what about facial expressions? What about the face-to-face experience of talking…and these days, we’re often eroding our keypads while talking to people and communication has become an impersonal commodity. Messages are interpreted differently from they way they were intended – and I for one, have had some misunderstandings on mxit due to perceptions of tones or attitudes…but its cheap. That’s the Archilles heel of society that producers zoom in on…and I for one have been a sitting duck. Makes me wonder…what really drives what we use…money or society…or is society driven by money… Speaking of the feathered kind…I should be off – grilled chicken and pasta awaits! ;)



Serina said...

I like that term. Can I use that?

I had an uninvited guest as well on tuesday night. He comes online with two mxits on to different phones. Sometimes at the same time. His nicknames are DON and MOB (note the mafia theme), When we ar eboth online he waits for me start the conversation and I dont obviously so his response is always "you cant talk?" Wierdo

I was trying to concentrate on the soccer so I told him I didnt have time for his crap. Cos he didnt want to tell me who hw was or who gave him my number

Dew said...

Hmm... I've never had that.

Oh no wait I did and it was Joe wierdly.. yes RW I remeber that night you made my life a misery!Actuually I do a count down thing.
'If you dont tell me who you are I'm deleting you
...then the person usually says 'WAaaaaait!' and tells me who they are, if they don't I delete them straight away. I hate people like that; hiding behind anonimity...well unless its for a good cause like V (that V from vandetta if you don't know)Then its okay to hide. I doubt theres any worthwhile V's that I'd keep on my mxit though.

M Junaid said...

i have a three day window period with all contacts. within those three days i decide whether to delete them or not. however, lately i notices it has become a one day window. guess i'm crazy like that. the most arb people invite me. i get around three invites a week on average. msot of them private number jobbies - the last two to invite me were 'soldier' and 'queen something'.
i was with you when the guy invited you , and i must say it was funny reading your responses

ans sometims, i jus log on to chat to a few people and the entire world wants to chat. this mostly happens whe i want to chat to q, dew, jo or saal

SafiUnlimited said...

i know the feeeling of unwanted invites and these guys are so dumb, i mean come on, are u seriously gonnna kill the person who gave your number away? why can't guys just sms first and say "i got your number from so and so person and he/she said that you're a nice person and would you like be friends" this whole inviting on mxit is just invading your privacy...

guys can be so annoying, they just totally refuse to tell the name of the person who gave your number to them... i could smack both of them!!!!

Lady said...

@serina: i thnk guys with more than ONE active fone... are suspect.

@MJ *sigh* i dint make the list :(

@Qdee: Delete is such a nice function :)

bibi-aisha said...

Considerin iv been out of the country past yr n since returnin my mxit is moodier than a woman with pms,i cnt comment on uninvitd guests.but as 4comnctn, yes its cheap n convenient,same as msn,but it shud def only b used as accessory to real contact

r said...

hey q.. i feel your pain babe. lady's right. just delete. the losers who aren't man enough (im feelin the womens lib feelin again) to tell u who they are, are so not worth ur thumb exercise or sarcasm ;)

M Junaid said...

QD, so long since
you posted on your web site
mj misses it

(sorry haiku mood)

qdee said...

thanks mj

Dew said...

Aww... me too. Me misses Mj and Q and me on campus and the fights and loving we all haves,Me just moody coz me missing Qd.

qdee said...


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