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i just couldnt decided today! half of me wanted to come to campus- and the other half didnt. but now im here.anyway, mum's friend happened to freak the livng daylights out of us by telling us not to use the microwave. i mean, i know the radiation is bad, but according to her, you should just avoid the micro like the plague. i have a visual in my head of it coming alive and injecting me with a virus and letting me out into the world to infect the rest of population so that technology can take over the world.lol.

so anyway, this lady really pushed it, and now im beginning to doubt my white lil microwave which has seen me through dark days of hunger-pangs which cant wait for the stove. so i let this whole paranoia thing go - til i read about the bee population declining due to cellphone radiation. now, as much as i detest em, i dont want em all to perish! and if cellphones can do that to bees, what must the radiation be doing to out lil finicky organs all connected in our head and our red and white cells carrying out their daily activities and not minding anyone else's business and suddenly get bombed by radiation?

but i cant help it - my phone is an extension of me. what will my thumb be without me phone (lol, i just said thumbee) lame ok, i know - but thats my defence. do those colourful stickers help decrease the radiation? help!

another thing in my head - that Sanex ad! what the hell? all thos enaked bodies carrying on about skin. Sanex has always had crazy ads, like the one for roll-on, where the lady kisses that guys under-arm! thoi thoi!! ugh.sorry, i just had to ad the pic!! and now this ad will pop up at just the right moments, when you're having supper (which is why the tv shouldnt be on during dinner) or when your uncle arrives and mum is in the kitchen and you're sitting there in dead silence, praying you dont burst out laughing coz you can see that his wife missed a spot colouring his hair :)

i still want quiche. im starving. i dont ever have breakfast, but right now, anything will do. today when i get home, there's going to be no electricity in the building, so MissQ will have to trudge up 13floors!! make dua for me. i guess its an advantage for my thighs.lol, mum told me when she was studying at Ga-Runkuwa, they had a gym there called Thundering Thighs! hehe!

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Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...


The radiation is bad at times. It does change the chemical make up of certain forsd which can be very harmful and even deadly. For instance, don't ever consume any potato that's beem microwaved..

Anyway.. back to designing thiis pump..

T c


Mukhtar Ahmad Khan said...

sorry - my typos r hectic.. but im sure u'd figure the flop ups.. (i type with one finger)..

Fatima said...

MAK: not even a microwaved potato?
tsk. :(

Qdee: I feel for the bees. I love my honey!
That sanex ad is weird - I remember seeing on TV and thinking "Who the hell does shit like that???"

taqdeer said...

If you wash the bee with the Sanex, then put him in the mocrowave, he will make electricity for the building..

..with thundering thighs :P

hitman jones said...

relax..microwave radiation cannot escape from your micro unless your micro is faulty. if you take a peek at the glass on ur micro door, ul notice a fine black mesh like pattern.

now if you did science in school ud remember the experiment where u put a radio into a metal cage, and it doesnt work because the radiowaves cannot get through the wire mesh of the cage.

same concept with your micro. the microwave radiation cannot escape cos of the fine mesh.

so all is good with micros :)

as for potatos...all it does is nuke the nutrients, so ur eating the potato simply to fill a gap in ur tummy. has no nutritional value.

floydthebarber71 said...

sanex ad is naahhsteee

!Joe! said...

aw, but i like my microwaved potato :( hehehe you said thumbee :D that sanex ad is kinda gross, man. But...Good thing: man shaved his 'pits. Bad thing: lady kissed 'pits. at least he used sanex; he must be clean...:)
I don't know where to get quiche from! And my ma hasn't made any since I was, say 11. Damn. Lol, thunder thighs...my aunt once called me that when I was very very small..i was slightly chubby :)

qdee said...

lol! taqdeer ;) that was brilliant!

taqdeer said...


r said...

LoL! that waS funny.
Joe hunny, its hard 2 imagine u chubby..
Oh n Q i offered to make quiche for you!

th ad i never got was using kallis to advertise th shower n hair gel.. he has lyk 5 strands of hair!!

mazozo said...

Hmm the bodies moving and stuff just fraks me out bleh stupid sanex but hey there products work!

And vaseline has taken up the concept too oh well

I Love honey sigh i feel for the little bees i dig them i want am bee hive for my bithrday now

!Joe! said...

lol at R...i know what you mean about Jacque Kallis...and he's not exactly the kind of guy i wanna see having a shower, you know what I'm sayin...and the music and woman's sultry voice made it seem like porn ewww. Altogether, it was just wrong.

Dew said...

I ban the microwave! Its evil

Everyone in the house uses it besides me...

I MISS YOU dammit! Damn Mas.

Priya said...

those ads do make one think....like how did they get that many naked people together?! :)

r said...

cricket finals at my house on saturday! you'r invited miss qdee =) sms me. mwa

The K-man said...

Radiation lol hehehe. I could do with a third eye. Sanex adverts are horrible and always nude or semi nude. I hate Nivea adverts i dunno I cant stand them

qdee said...

yeah, lol, how do those ppl get naked all together? and are there auditions? eish. its sick.

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