11:35 PM

On silver waves

Delicately treading on grains of gold
you led me to the shore
fragile fingers in your gentle hold
i couldn't have loved you more
Shimmering stars danced in the breeze
outshone by your smile
i knew the moment you looked at me
my heart was no longer mine
Dreams of tomorrow and yesterday
stretched out before you and i
and hope rode on silver waves,
rippled...and reached into the sky
Footprints etched in the sand
the wind swept up the last traces
of the night you took my hand
and illuminated forgotten places
Yet carved in the depths of eternity
'twleve/twelve 9:o5'
somewhere between now and infinity
i will love you til time runs dry
And one sunny day, old and grey...
I'll look at you with love that has never changed
and you'll smile at me ... and say
you wouldn't have done it any other way


Shiraz said...

Wow! Thats really beautiful. U rock!

Prixie said...

im so emotional today...im tearing cos your words were so beautiful.

shafs said...

these are the prettiest words :)
i can see the glitter... i think i got some on me while reading this!

greengeisha said...

You write really well. Shafs tells me that you have a poetry book published? I think thats great :)!

swyt butterfly said...

beautiful words!!

Anonymous said...

i am aching now in the beauty of the words :) your words!

That Mash Guy said...


M Junaid said...

i miss reading your stuff :(

Anonymous said...


Nadz said...

Really beautiful poem :)

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