11:26 PM

slicing through the smoking shit

if there's one thing that irks me more than group projects, bad hair days and pushy people, its people who smoke. while my bus adventures allow my tolerance ot extend to handling smelly people who have no control over there inquisitive elbows and will go out of their way to invade your space or god forbid strike up a bright summery converstation with you on a day when all you want to do is slap everyone around with a cricket bat, my days have now been additionally seasoned by a good dose of smoke. see, at the bus stop, there's this afrikaner ladt with a shock of blonde hair followed by an undertone of black. and she's usually draped in a cloud of smoke and happily casts the smoke upon missQ. all the waving away off the smoke and the angry 'ahems' in the world dont seem to get her attention as she insists she teaches the security guard nearby afrikaans. yeah, every flipping morning, i emerge out of the smoke to maniacally wave the bus down and ever so often, the driver misses me and there i am again -left to inhale. freaking idiot. no - freaking idiots who smoke. and why on earth do some people think its cool to have this thing attached to your mouth that billows out smoke and makes you smell like last months' lasagne. and! discolours your teeth and makes your lungs all blacks and gross. and then, you go and impose this shit on innocent people like us who arent aiming for an early departure. yeah - so to all the smokers - go screw yourself.

also, to all the computer viruses in the world who connived and manipulated their way into my pure system, i hope that somehow, you get cleansed. like ethnic cleansing. with acid. no, more like war of the worlds. and finally, to the people who keep imposing work on me - listen, the world does not revolve around you. and there are other courses screwing with our braincells. so stop slave driving us people. and be nice - give an extension once in a while and we might stop channelling evil thoughts towards you and hoping your computers crash.



M Junaid said...

i hate smokers, druggies and suicide cases. If i met someone who looked like katrina kaif, screwed like jenna jameson and had the personality of betty cooper, i still wouldn't get involved with them if they were a smoker.

Prixie said...

maybe u should tell her how uncomfortable the smoke makes you?!

quraisha said...

mj: yeah i know, i mean, if aston kutcher smoked..or atif, i wouldnt be with em

prixie: me could tell her..but she'd like a rugby player sized person..so i lil afraid

Shiraz said...

atif smokes all the time. Ashton smokes cigars only.

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