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its seems ive been tagged...so i guess i have to confess the shocking truth! i dont know how to say this...but im...the tooth fairy. and all you people havent been contributing and i may lose my job to the lack of clients and ever increasing inflation...
lol ok, too early to be here ;) here goes...5 things you dont know about me:

1. i hate dressing up - i hate losing much needed energy on dolling myself up to go to functions. but i must admit, when i eventually am dressed up, i tend to walk around like a flamingo, so i dont mind the end result, i just dont like the journey towards it.

2. im extremely irritable about people not conforming to my standards of punctuality. im one of those super organised gals (well recent events would oppose that) but i like being all early and prepared.

3. im a contradiction - i enjoy my privacy but long to be surrounded by my friends...i say i need space but all i want is a hug and im too proud to ask for one.

4. im insecure - i used to be very secure. i come across as an independent somewhat confident person, but recently my sensitivity has reached the heights of a dog's hearing capacity.lol. i think im still getting over being grilled in front of my class and being a loner this year.

5.im a domestic goddess :) put me in the kitchen and im in my element!

thats about it...well apart from some other things...and i make gift cards and sell em...one of my passions and mosaics.i love being surrounded by glitter and paper and that feeling of creating soemthing from scratch - some of my work:

lol, i try not to inhale the glue...but sometimes it just gets to me, hence the tooth fairy saga :)


huzain said...
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huzain said...

good stuff miss dee we never stop learnin more from each other

safiyyamk said...

u and i have some things in common- the kitchen and cooking, the other is using hands to make creative things- i love making kunchas more than anything, i make cards but i dont sell them- just keep em in a collection box...

M Junaid said...

3 - i like three -
oh crap - i like 4 as well

whew - five doesnt relate to me :)

People - Qd's cards rock - she made me an awesome birthday card last year

Lol - Get a room ;)

bibi-aisha said...

I empathise totally with 2 and 3. Hmm..5 too. I used to b creative,but lost the desire to do anythin creative at least 9 yrs ago. Ok-me just a lazy bugger :-p

!Joe! said...

i relate to number one. not the parading bit though; just the part about dressing up. Not that I enjoy being naked. im just not in that phase of my life yet. hope im a late bloomer:) ooh, girl, i always come late for our outings too...crap.
all in all, i understand numbers 1 to 4. um i haven't tried the domestic goddess thing yet, but i'm big on baking:)

MJ your card could not have rocked as much as the one Q made for me...my whole family oohed and aahed over my Rob tribute:) and it made me teary-eyed in 2Go...

qdee said...

huz: yeah its all part of peter senge's organisational learning theory ;)

safiyyamk: wow, kunchas? always wanted to try that. i make wedding boxes but then i look at them and dont wanna give em away.hehe

mj: get a room?erm.i dont get that.its early ok. anyway, mj i recall you whipping up some awesome sandwich with a whole lot of yummy combinations. next birthday present for you - apron!

bibi: lol your mind is so alive, i think you'd generate creative electricity :)

joe:i still want those cupcake recipes girl! lol our outings...i love you too much to get mad.hehe enjoying being naked! :D im sure certain floor laminating people will have something else to say about that.i loved that moment in 2Go.and the year before with the roses.ya i guess i like making you cry :)

Bilal said...


huzain said...

ho i forgot those cards of urs rock big time. they are really amazin

qdee said...

tanx.market em for me?

sonata said...

sounds like u hv urself a PRO, missy!

Regarding some blog research im busy undertaking atm: what's ur take on fellow bloggers/'commentators' that agree with ur evry statement?




r said...

*beeg hug for Q* =)

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